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Extra Large Special Trailer

Why not take everyone on your family bike rides?


The Wike Extra Large Special Needs Bicycle Trailer is the biggest trailer Wike makes. It is large enough to handle a occupant 5’10” tall and 150 lbs with a helmet on. The canopy retracts fully for ease of entry into the trailer. There’s no need to leave loved ones behind when you go for a bike ride.

The Wike Special Needs is a practical and affordable solution for your family cycling needs. The Extra Large Model is not upgradable to a stroller of jogger.

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About the EXTRA Large Special Needs Bicycle Trailer

Stroller or Jogger upgrades are not available for the Extra Large Trailer

  • Max. Height of Child - 70"
  • Weight in lbs. - 44.0 lbs.
  • Body/Overall Length - 53"/70"
  • Overall Width - 34"
  • Inside Seat Width - 26"
  • Inside Height - 37"
  • Legroom (Length) - 37"
  • Height (from ground) - 48"
  • Folded Dimensions - 40"x31"x14"
  • Capacity - 150 lbs.
  • Frame - Alum/Stainless
  • Floor - 1/8 Polyethylene
  • Wheels - 20" spoked alloy push button
  • Front-wheel option - No
  • Transcribe: Translation not found. No
  • Instant Folding - Yes
  • Quick Hitch - Yes
  • Helmet Relief Cushion - Option ($20)
  • Safety Flag - Yes
  • Bug Screen - Yes
  • Rain Screen - Yes
  • Reflective Tape - Yes
  • Safety Harnesses - 5-point Safety Harnesses
  • Rear Pocket - Yes
  • Jogger Option - No
Photo-special-needs-xl-bolsters Photo-special-needs-xl-wedge Accessory-special needs bicycle trailer head stabilizer large Photo-special-needs-xl-wedge Wedge800 Image 71 Bicycle trailer hitches large

I wanted to email you after purchasing my second Special Needs Trailer from Wike today. I bought the first one in 2001. Since then my son and I have logged several thousand miles with me pulling him in the trailer. I purchased yours as he had outgrown his Burley and 2 others and needed a bigger trailer. Yours has been the best trailer I have owned. It pulls great; my son is comfortable in it, and always wants to get his helmet to go on a ride. After ten years of almost weekly use, I finally had to replace my first one. I look forward to getting the new one with all of the design improvements you have made. I also wanted to include a picture from a Bike Ride this past June called the Harpeth River Ride where my son and I participated. For the past few years, they have allowed us to start at the beginning of the ride with Wounded Warriors, Blind Athletes, and others. This year Lance Armstrong actually rode with some of his teammates. Unfortunately, the person taking the attached picture did not capture them with us as they were just a few feet ahead.

Pat Wright

Brentwood Tennessee

We got our Adult Special Needs Trailer a few weeks ago, and I’ve been meaning to send you a note saying what an amazing product it is!

Thoughtfully designed, well constructed, it’s a remarkable piece of engineering. It tracks smoothly, folds easily, and hauls our 140 teenager with no problem - plenty of room and bombproof sturdy. The axle/wheel design in particular is very cool…I was afraid that sand and dirt would render this mechnism a weak link, but the push button release works as advertised. I have never seen anything like it, and but it seems to be able to handling its task.

Thanks for designing and building such a great product. It has changed in a positive way what we can do as a family.

Mark Skinner

Pittsburgh PA

Father to developmentally delayed teenager

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