We are WIKE... the Walk and Bike Company.

Join the active transportation revolution! A ride to school, a walk to the park, a jog in the forest… you can do it all. Walk, bike, and run into a better, greener world. Bring a WIKE Bicycle Trailer along for the better adventure! You can expand the uses of your bike if you had a bicycle trailer!

WIKE (noun): rhymes with ‘bike’. Derived from ‘walk + bike’; a brilliant and fun way to get your kids to school or run some errands; an even more brilliant and fun way to leave your car and make the most of what nature has to offer, powered by you - not fossil fuels! Wike products switch effortlessly from strollers to bike trailers.

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North America’s Largest Manufacturer of Bicycle Trailers

6 Reasons you Need a Child Bike Trailer and Stroller Combo In Your Life

Family fun doesn't have to stop when you have a bike trailer and stroller! We all want to find ways to spend quality time with our children while also encouraging them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Well, at least we hope so if you're reading this article! On top of teaching good habits

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