7 Ways to Make Your Child's Bike Trailer More Comfortable

July 05, 2022

Here are a few tips to make your child's bike trailer more comfortable so you and your loved one can both make memories that last a lifetime

Have Fun in a bike trailer
Have Fun in a bike trailer

You wouldn't be the first person to get excited about buying a child bike trailer, thinking about all the amazing adventures to come…

…Only for your child to whine and complain throughout the entire first ride.

But don't give up on your cycling dreams quite yet. Here are a few tips to make your child bike trailer more comfortable so you and your loved one can both make memories that last a lifetime!

How to Make a Bike Trailer More Comfortable For Your Child

For families who love cycling, a bike trailer can be a real blessing. It makes active transportation fun for everyone, even little ones and people with physical disabilities or other special needs.

But the magic only happens if the occupant is happy, safe, and comfortable ‒ which may require making a few minor adjustments to your bike trailer.

Here are some of the most common reasons people find riding in a bike trailer uncomfortable:

  • Helmet does not fit into headrest, pushing the occupant’s head forward and downward
  • Bumping around, hitting the sides of the trailer or getting stuck in a corner
  • Sore back and bum caused by a sagging seat
  • Feet can't touch the floor
  • Two children fighting for space in the same trailer

You might assume the only way to fix these problems is to buy a new (possibly more expensive) bike trailer. The good news is, that is absolutely not the case.

Help your loved one enjoy the bike trailer experience by following some of these tips! Although we mostly focus on children in this article, these tips can help older kids and adults who ride in a bike trailer too.

1. Seating

There are two main types of seats for child bike trailers: bench seats and hammock seats.

  1. Hammock seats are made from a long piece of fabric stretched tightly across the trailer frame. They conform to the child’s shape and provide a small amount of suspension
  2. Bench seats are padded benches similar to chair, they offer more support but are bumpy and provide little suspension.

Hammock seats are lighter in weight and used mostly for small children and bench seats tend to last longer and are used for older and heavier occupants.

All Wike child bike trailers have hammock seats and special needs bike trailers are equipped with comfortable bench seating, both have five-point harnesses for added safety and security.

2. Stability Padding

If your child’s head is being pushed forward, look for a Helmet Relief Cushion which is shaped so a child can lean back properly and comfortably with a helmet on.

If you are considering a Special needs product please consider adding extra padding around the torso of your child if their body is shifting side to side inside the bike trailer. For example, our Complete Accessory Set comes with a head stabilizer, two side bolsters, and recliner set, as well as an outdoor cover and carry bag.

3. Wheels

Consider replacing your bike trailer's 16-inch tires and plastic rims with 20-inch tires and metal rims. A 20-inch bike trailer tire will offer a much smoother ride because it absorbs bumps in the road better than a 16-inch tire.

Plastic rims and spokes are also prone to warping and cracking, so they won't last as long as metal rims. This makes the extra cost of metal rims worthwhile since metal rims won't have to be replaced as often.

4. Suspension

If you want an extra comfortable child bike trailer, you might want to consider a suspension system. A bike trailer's suspension enables a smoother ride over roots and large stones.

5. Sun Shade/Canopy

Bike riding isn't fun when you get soaked or sunburned. You should always make sure your child is protected from the sun's UV rays, wind and rain with a fabric canopy. The canopy of a Wike is always in place for safety and sun cover. The windows are tinted to stop UV from entering the interior of the trailer.

It's a simple, but important way to make your child's ride more comfortable!

6. Rain Cover

Have you ever hopped on your bike after the rain and immediately soaked your backside?

Wet seats are the worst, and sitting in a wet bike trailer is just as uncomfortable!

Store your bike trailer in a dry place, such as a garage, and if you don't have one, get a rain cover to cover the trailer against rain. You won't have to worry about your kids complaining about a damp seat.

7. Double Trailer

Two kids, in one trailer, with zero fighting? No problem with a double bike trailer! If you want to take more than one child along, it is well worth investing in a double bike trailer so that both kids can be safely and comfortably strapped in.

Check the trailer's dimensions to make sure both your kids can comfortably fit.

Bonus Comfort Considerations

Apart from modifying the bike trailer itself, there are tons of other things you can do to make sure your kids ride in comfort, safety, and happiness! Here are a few bonus tips for a smoother ride:

  • Pack lots of water and snacks. A water bottle is a must for any bike ride. Even if riding in a bike trailer isn't physically active, kids still need plenty of fluids to stay cool and to replace the water they lose through sweating. A trailer's internal storage pockets provide a convenient place to store snacks and water bottles. Don’t carry sharp objects in the child carrier compartment.
  • Dress kids comfortably. Dress your kids in loose-fitting clothes, preferably in light colours, on extra hot days. Older kids may benefit from a cool neck wrap for additional cooling.
  • Plan a comfortable route. If your kids don't take to riding in a bike trailer right away, ease them in with mostly flat, smooth bike paths and trails. Start with shorter routes, then work your way up to longer ones.
  • Make stops along the way. For long-distance bike rides, be sure to plan a few stops along the way. Parks, waterfronts, and cool landmarks are great options. Let your child know where you will be stopping so they can look forward to it!

What Not to Do

When using a bike trailer, safety is always the top priority. Beware of these mistakes:

  • Do not remove the safety harness/straps from the bike trailer. Using a five-point harness is the safest way to secure your child in a bike trailer.
  • Do not put a car seat in a bike trailer. This isn't a safe option. For this reason, most bike trailer manufacturers do not recommend it.
  • Do not put sharp objects in trailer. Don’t carry sharp objects in the child carrier compartment.
  • Do not use fabrics that can tangle. Ropes, scarves, or long fabrics that can tangle are not a good idea. Small blankets are better than bigger ones.

Make Your Bike Trailer Fun for the Whole Family

Some children need time to get used to riding in a bike trailer. We hope these tips will help to make the ride more enjoyable for both of you.

If something doesn't work out the first time around, keep exploring options to find out what does. Practice makes perfect!

Looking for a bike trailer that won't let you down? Check out our line of child bike trailers for kids of all sizes! Wike also offers a line of special needs bike trailers for older children and adults.


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