- Our Smart Stick is ideal for pulling a kayak, canoe or paddle/surf board behind your bicycle. It consists of a seat post hitch which bolts on to your seat post (the hitch will fit on seat posts from 1" to 1.5" (25 mm - 38 mm) in diameter) and a 27" aluminium extension tube that reaches above and behind the rear wheel of your bicycle to connect to your boat. Your boat or board must have a bow handle, bow ring or bowline to tie the boat to the end of the Smart Stick. When using the Smart Stick the pivot is at the bow of the boat, so it will be difficult to keep the boat straight behind the bike if you stand on your pedals, pump hard, and swing your bike from side to side. Please remain seated when using the Smart Stick.

Wike Kayak Surf Sailboard Bike Trailer Towing Smart Stick







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