We are WIKE... the Walk and Bike Company.

Join the active transportation revolution! A ride to school, a walk to the park, a jog in the forest… you can do it all. Walk, bike, and run into a better, greener world. Bring a WIKE Bicycle Trailer along for the better adventure! You can expand the uses of your bike if you had a bicycle trailer!

WIKE (noun): rhymes with ‘bike’. Derived from ‘walk + bike’; a brilliant and fun way to get your kids to school or run some errands; an even more brilliant and fun way to leave your car and make the most of what nature has to offer, powered by you - not fossil fuels! Wike products switch effortlessly from strollers to bike trailers.

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North America’s Largest Manufacturer of Bicycle Trailers

Proper Bike and Trailer Lighting for Night Cycling

Nighttime Bike Trailer Safety Tips Since 2017, WIKE’s President Bob Bell and his friend Harry Oussoren (President of Insitu Contractors) have been heading up to the University of Guelph, in our hometown of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, to install free bike lights on every bicycle that doesn’t have

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