At What Age Can My Baby Ride in a Child Bike Trailer?

August 30, 2022

How to determine what age is safe to bring your baby in a bike trailer, and what precautions to take to ensure their safety.

It’s never too soon to introduce your child to the joys of the outdoors and all that nature has to offer!

But it can be too early to have them ride in a child bike trailer.

When it comes to bringing your baby along for a bike ride, age is an important factor in ensuring their safety.

Your child should be at least 12 months old to ride in a bike trailer. We’ll cover the reasons for this below, along with a few tips to stay safe while biking with your baby in a child bike trailer!

Why Babies Under 12 Months Shouldn’t Ride in a Bike Trailer

There are four major health and well-being concerns for babies riding in a trailer. As explained in this article by the Bike Helmet Safety Institute:

  1. Your child needs a helmet to ride in a bike trailer, but infants can't wear one. Babies under 12 months of age cannot hold their heads up comfortably for long periods or wear a helmet that will properly fit and protect their heads. In fact, for this reason, reputable manufacturers don't even make bike helmets that small!
  2. The ride is too rough for an infant. Even over smooth terrain, the bumps and vibrations of the bike trailer could seriously injure a baby under 12 months. Children's brains are particularly vulnerable to vibration and jostling in the first year of life. Waiting for your baby’s first birthday will help protect them.
  3. Infants can’t sit up long enough. Until 9 months of age, babies don't have enough bone mass and muscle tone to sit unsupported with their backs straight, and they shouldn't sit slumped for prolonged periods.
  4. Crashes with an infant could be devastating. Although no one expects to crash, it is always possible, and babies under 12 months old are fragile.

The best way to satisfy these concerns is to wait for your baby to reach 12 months of age before introducing them to the wonderful world of bike trailers.

However, it is important to consult your pediatrician as well, since every child's development is unique! You and your pediatrician know your child best, and together, you can decide on the best course of action for your child.

For tips on choosing the right bike trailer for you and your child, pedal on over to our article on everything you need to know about child bike trailers.

Tips for Staying Safe While Biking with Young Children

If your baby is 12 months or older, you have the green light from your pediatrician, and you've picked up a proper baby bike helmet, then here are some useful tips to make the ride safe and enjoyable for you and your baby!

  1. Ride on smooth terrain. Do your research on which bike paths have been recently re-done to ensure a smoother ride for all. We do not suggest taking your baby on bumpy and unpaved bike paths when they are young.
  2. Choose protected bike paths or bike trails with no other vehicles. Sticking to bike paths that are smooth and separate from the roads will create a more peaceful environment for you and your baby, away from all the noise and commotion of vehicles.
  3. Take breaks during the bike ride. Remove your baby from the bike trailer and show them the unfamiliar environment that they are in. Bring lots of water, milk, and snacks that they love to make sure they are happy and enjoying the ride.

For more tips on cycling with your child, check out our article on ways to make your child’s bike trailer more comfortable!

Taking Your Baby for a Bike Ride

Sharing your love of bicycling with your child is a wonderful way to show them the world, as well as continue to do what you love in your free time.

Taking the proper precautions as a parent is most important. At 12 months of age, most children can safely ride in a child bike trailer if they wear a helmet and you make smart choices.

If you have any further questions or concerns about child bike trailers, you can reach out to us anytime!


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