Three Reasons why Getting a Cargo Bike can Change your Life

June 05, 2017

Going back and forth about whether or not you should get a cargo bicycle? This article helps suggest options and weigh pros and cons.

You’re a bike lover. You’re healthy. You’re environmentally conscious. You live in the city and are close to most of the things you need like grocery stores, the cafe, and the school (for the kids, most likely). Yes, you’ve got the perfect lifestyle that suits you are your family perfectly.

But what if I told you you could take it up a notch or two? Not just incrementally improve your lifestyle but take it to a whole new level? You can! With a cargo bike.

I know, I know, it’s just a hopped up bike that can carry a massive pile of stuff, kids, or pets (or all three at once!) but a cargo bike can do more than that. Way more. Consider:

It can save you money

Pretty much everyone has two cars these days, right? If you don’t have two you may have three. I mean, there are something like 797 cars per person in the United States (662 in Canada) - And note that a per person figure, not driving age. So there are almost enough cars for every newborn, toddler, tween, teen, and adult. Sure, sure, there are lots of indicators that people are driving less but I doubt that number is going to drop off steeply in the near future. I mean, even Elon Musk thinks that public transportation for cars is a good idea.

But we’re talking about you. And that “extra” car in your driveway. Any chance you could replace that with a cargo bike? Realistically, how often do you drive the extra car? Every day? Once a week? And where do you drive it? Around the corner? And what do you use it for? Hauling groceries? Taking the kid to piano lessons a couple of blocks over?

Now, I’m not going to say that an second car is superfluous. In our suburban world, getting around without a car is often not an option. But in many cases where you could get rid of the car and not be at a disadvantage.

And if you did? Hello money! No more insurance, no more repairs, no more renting a space (if that’s your city’s bag). No more car payment either. Or no more saving every month for the next car if that’s how you do it. You’re looking at a good sum of money every month. Money that could be used for trips, retirement savings, whatever you like. A little extra money can go a long way. Get rid of the car, spruce up your lifestyle.

It can get you in shape

We get it. You bike everywhere. You walk everywhere. You eat well. You’re in shape already!

But you haven’t tried pedalling a cargo bike? We believe that cargo bikes are as easy to ride as regular bikes but we’d be lying if we said they are exactly the same. A cargo bike is, after all, much larger than a regular bike. A big box and an extra wheel (plus axle) on some, bigger brakes, and a stronger frame add up to something a little heftier than the two-wheeler you usually zip around on.

And then let’s put something in the box. Kids, musical instruments, the family dog. Now you’re pushing for two! That will get the heart pumping!

But we won’t go hard on you if you decide to go with an electric assist. You’re in fine form already so no need to take it to extremes, right?

It can make your family happier

OK, we’ll admit that this one is purely anecdotal but really, what kid doesn’t like an open air ride. It’s like the train at the amusement park but they can ride it every day. And if you think Fido likes sticking his head out the window, what do you think he’ll make of being in an open air chariot? And if you’ve got happy kids, you’re likely to be happier yourself. And that spills over into everything else. We’d say that you’ll be better looking, smarter, and just plain all around a better human being but there are limits to what a cargo bike can do for you.

So think beyond the fact that it’s a bike with a cargo box and look at the things you’ll be able to do with it and how that will benefit you. As well as the things you can eliminate from your life and the costs that go with them. A cargo bike is more than just a bike. It’s a bike that can change your life.


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