Unlock Independence - Kids, Bike Trailers, and Cargo Bikes

October 23, 2017

Learn more about how cycling and bicycle trailers can ignite confidence and independence in young kids.

At Wike, we love kids. Many of our products help bring kids out into the world with their parents in a fun and healthy way.

We know that not everyone lives in the same place or has the same parenting style but we do believe that those that buy our products are interested in having their kids join in on the cycling fun.

And while we believe that getting out for a bike ride with your kids is a great thing all on it’s own, we believe there are a few side effects from using cargo bikes and bike trailers that help your kids on their road to independence.

They are part of the environment

When you transport your kids in a cargo bike or bike trailer, your become part of the urban environment that’s just not possible in a car. Even with the various covers available for cargo bikes and bike trailers, you can feel the bumps in the road, hear the sounds of the city (or country!), and feel the wind in your face. The kids are simply not as segregated from the environment when they are on a bike riding with you.

Two people stroll with a WIKE Large Special Needs bicycle trailer, in the Jogging conversion.
Two people stroll with a WIKE Large Special Needs bicycle trailer, in the Jogging conversion.

Being part of the environment engenders respect

Once the kids have an idea that they are part of the world around them, respect for that environment comes naturally. The “environment” in this case being the world around them both urban and natural. They have a better understanding of the rules of the road. They have a better understanding of their place within the world around them. They have a better idea of everyone’s role in moving through traffic and respecting each other.

A family stops for a break among the forest with their WIKE bike trailer. Wike Bike trailers allow you to enjoy the best of what nature has to offer.
A family stops for a break among the forest with their WIKE bike trailer. Wike Bike trailers allow you to enjoy the best of what nature has to offer.

Respect engenders confidence

Once kids understand the environment and their place in it, they can get the feeling that they are in control of it (to a certain extent). There is less fear of vehicles, weather, urban noises, etc. if they are immersed in that environment on a regular basis. From there, they feel they can enter that world without fear. You can definitely see this pretty much everywhere you go. People in environments they are not familiar with are less confident. Take an urban kid to the woods and you may see that in action…and their swift moves to adapt to the new environment.

Confidence engenders independence

So now kids understand the world around them, understand their place within it, can feel in control of situations they may encounter, it’s time for them to move on. It’s likely you’ve been riding with your kids a long time and when it’s time for them to push out on their own, do you think they’ll be ready? Will they know how to respect pedestrians and other vehicles? Will they understand traffic flow? Will they know what the various street signs mean? Will they be able to get to specific destinations with confidence? You can bet if they’ve been sitting in a bike trailer or a cargo bike as you went about your business in the city they probably will. And isn’t getting the kids to feel confident and in control of their environment and themselves a big part of our jobs as parents? Stepping out of the car and using a bike trailer or cargo bike can at least make the child’s journey to independence a little more fun for everyone involved.

WIKE Cargo Bikes are a great introduction to cycling for your most precious cargo.
WIKE Cargo Bikes are a great introduction to cycling for your most precious cargo.

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