We are WIKE... the Walk and Bike Company.

Join the active transportation revolution! A ride to school, a walk to the park, a jog in the forest… you can do it all. Walk, bike, and run into a better, greener world. Bring a WIKE Bicycle Trailer along for the better adventure! You can expand the uses of your bike if you had a bicycle trailer!

WIKE (noun): rhymes with ‘bike’. Derived from ‘walk + bike’; a brilliant and fun way to get your kids to school or run some errands; an even more brilliant and fun way to leave your car and make the most of what nature has to offer, powered by you - not fossil fuels! Wike products switch effortlessly from strollers to bike trailers.

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EST. 1993




More than a business. A philosophy

At Wike, we believe that integrating walking and cycling into your daily lives is essential for better health, happiness and a healthier planet. We believe in the importance of family, fitness and the environment and build products to improve the lives of our valued customers.


Wike Bicycle Trailers have been in production for almost years. With the exception of a few hundred units which were sold to bike shops in the mid 1990’s, we've sold all our products direct to consumers. Here is a bit of a history of how our company evolved over the last dozen years.


We’re dedicated to improving the world’s transportation. We believe that bicycling is one of the best ways to stay fit and help the environment. Our products are designed to be part of your healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle; from taking the kids to the park, to hitting the fairway, to hauling a kayak or canoe, we make a bicycle trailer for every cyclist’s need and we support our products after they are sold. We encourage the reuse of our customers used trailers though our Facebook portals by connecting sellers of used Wike products to potential buyers.


Beyond continuously improving our products and inventing new ones on the frontier of the active movement, we’re dedicated to the advancement of the world’s active transportation foundations. Wike assists local active transportation advocacy groups to influence their municipal governments investment in active transportation infrastructure.