Heavy Duty Boat Portage Cart

- CA$200.97

Portage Cart for Bigger Boats

Our "New" heavy duty boat cart is ideal for pulling a canoe to your launch point. It can be upgraded into a Boat Bicycle Trailer with the addition of the optional Smart Stick.

The full trailer consists of two components: the two wheeled cart that supports the boat, and the Smart Stick which connects the front of your boat to the bicycle seat post with a hitch. The cart is padded.

The cart fits under your canoe and has padded supports. Our design is made of aluminum, with 20â€-spoked alloy bicycle wheels which can easily be removed for storage. The cart can accommodate boats with a beam of 48â€. The heavy duty boat trailer can also be used for a kayak or other small boats. The cart can also be used for portaging and pulling the boat by hand. The cart can carry a maximum of 100 lb behind a bicylcle or 175 lb if pulled by hand.

The trailer will rotate around the flexible hitch at the seat post (fits on seat posts from 1†to 1.5†(25 mm - 38 mm) in diameter) and the boat will stay straight behind the bike.

Our boat products are built entirely in our Guelph, Canada factory and are shipped directly to you.

Money Back Guarantee

Wike Products have a 15 day money back Guarantee. If you wish to return your Wike, for whatever reason, simply return it to us and we refund the purchase price. We do not refund shipping. Let us know if you would like to return your trailer and we will send you the address labels. Products also have a one year parts and labor warranty and lifetime on the frame to the original owner.

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We use Stripe for all our transactions to keep your information secure. All information collected from our customers is used to ship our products to their buyers. This information will be kept confidential and is only available to us at Wike and we do not share it.

Shipped Directly to You

We manufacture our products in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and ship them directly to you. This business model saves you money! We have built a reputation over our 30 years in business for the longevity, reliability, and durability of our products. In the case that you loose or break a part, it is easy for us to send you a replacement. Simply send a picture showing the missing/broken part to wike@wike.ca. Another benefit of buying directly from a community-based manufacturer!

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Smart Stick - Ultra-light Boat Towing Assembly
Smart Stick - Ultra-light Boat Towing Assembly - CA$80.97

Seat Post Hitch
Seat Post Hitch - CA$25.00

Bicycle seat post hitch for connecting a bike to a seat post trailer. Useful if you want to set up an additional bike to pull your trailer. Bolts to attach to your seat post (fits on seat posts from 1” to 1.5” (25 mm - 38 mm) ​in diameter). These can be used for boat trailers, golf trailers, or speedie shoppers.

Towing Tee
Towing Tee - CA$119.00

Our heavy duty Towing Tee is ideal for pulling a canoe behind your bicycle, especially for longer journeys. It takes a little longer to hitch up your boat than the "Smart Stick", but provides better control and stability. The trailer will rotate around the flexible hitch at the seat post (the hitch will fit on seat posts from 1" to 1.5" (25mm - 38mm) in diameter) and the boat will stay straight behind the bike. A strap from the 'T' attaches to the seat in the canoe to pull the canoe. A second strap ties around and under the bow to keep the canoe stationary. A third line (you must provide) from the bow ties to the post of the 'T' to keep the front of the canoe from tilting up or down. Most boats have a bow line or handle at the bow, We do not provide a bow line as we assume you will use yours. This line is essential to the use of the Towing Tee.