How soon will my order ship? Generally products ship next day. Special needs products are followed up with a phone call to make sure that the product that you order will fit your needs. We like to confim need first before shipping. Cargo bikes are also followed up with a phone call and ship in a couple of days

How much does shipping cost? Shipping is calculated after you fill in your address

Which courier do you use? We us UPS

Can I get my Wike faster if I pay more for shipping? Yes but it is super expensive, like 8X more money

Do you product meet safety standards? All of our products have been tested against and exceed ASTM F1975 standard. Our Special Needs products have weight carrying limits that are over the 100lb limit specified by the ASTM F1975 standard. These products passed all the ASTM tests at the elevated loads but do not conform to the standard because ASTM F1975 limits the load to 100lbs.

Where are your products made? About 40% of our products are made in Guelph, Canada. The remainder are made at a factory in China that we visit regularly.

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