WHAT’S NEW? .... The Wike Newt! - May 14, 2019

We are very excited to be nearing completion of the Newt – a larger version of our EuroBike award-winning Salamander. The Newt is geared towards our Special Needs community as it will accommodate larger riders.

Ever since we dreamed up the idea of the Salamander, we knew we wanted to make a version for our Special Needs community. At Wike, we know the importance of including everyone in recreational activities, and that’s why we launched the Special Needs trailers nearly 20 years ago! There are many therapeutic benefits of recreational activities, and many benefits for a family to have everyone participate in activities together.

Our growing line of Special Needs products increase the physical, social, mental and emotional wellbeing of those who use them. The Special Needs Trailer and the Newt are perfect vehicles for recreational therapy as they open new opportunities for individuals to go on outdoor adventures and explore places a traditional wheelchair does not allow.

As the Newt is a cargo bike that converts to a pushchair, cumbersome points of transfer are reduced. You can ride the Newt as a bike with an individual in the pod, convert the Newt into a pushchair when you get where you want to be, and enjoy your activities together! It can’t get more convenient than that! Imagine biking to the ice cream shop and converting your bike into a pushchair. No more transfers! Enjoy your time there and then convert the Newt back to a bicycle to travel home. Where could the Newt take you?

Converting the Newt between a bike and a pushchair is fast, easy and convenient and occurs with the click of a pedal. The pod has the capacity to hold an individual up to 125 lbs / 57 kg and 64” / 162 cm tall. To ease the burden of loading an occupant, a door opens on the side of the Newt pod. The canopy is available in 5 different colour combinations!

Are you ready to place your order? We are now accepting orders with a fully refundable deposit of $2000 Cdn / $1666 US / €1500. All Newts will be made to order on a first come first serve basis and will be shipped fully assembled starting in July.


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