Heavy Duty Boat Trailer

Heavy Duty Boat Trailer - 240,00 $CA

Road to the water is easier than ever

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Our heavy duty boat trailer (previously called the Heavy Duty Canoe or Kayak Trailer) is ideal for pulling a canoe behind your bicycle, especially for longer journeys. The trailer consists of two components: the two wheeled cart that supports the boat, and the Towing Tee which connects the front of your boat to the bicycle seat post with a hitch. Both the Towing Tee and the cart are padded.

The cart fits under your canoe and has padded supports. Our design is made of aluminum, with 50.8 cm-spoked alloy bicycle wheels which can easily be removed for storage. The cart is adjustable in width by 10.2 cm to accommodate canoes with a beam of 81.3 to 91.4 cm with the standard trans-axle to provide a snug fit for your canoe. The heavy duty boat trailer can also be used for a kayak or another small boat, but a snug fit is needed to keep the boat from pivoting in the trailer, so consider ordering a "customized wheel axle for heavy duty boat trailer/cart" for additional boats. This will allow you to use the same trailer for both boats by exchanging the axle! The wheel axel is 15 cm off the ground, the same height that the boat is kept off the ground. The cart can also be used for portaging and pulling the boat by hand. The cart can carry a maximum of 45 kg behind a bicylcle or 57 kg if pulled by hand.

Our heavy duty Towing Tee takes a little longer to hitch up your boat, but provides better control and stability. The trailer will rotate around the flexible hitch at the seat post (fits on seat posts from 2.54 to 3.81 cm in diameter) and the boat will stay straight behind the bike. A strap from the 'T' attaches to the seat in the canoe to pull the canoe. A second strap ties around and under the bow to keep the canoe stationary. A line (you must provide) from the bow ties to the post of the 'T' to keep the front of the canoe from tilting up or down.

Our boat products are built entirely in our Guelph, Canada factory and are shipped directly to you.

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Quick Hitch


13lbs / 6kg




100lbs / 45kg


20" Spoked steel quick release

Pack for Heavy Duty Boat Trailer
Pack for Heavy Duty Boat Trailer - 50,00 $CA

A pack with a shoulder strap that can hold heavy duty boat trailers including the cart, 50.8 cm wheels and the Towing Tee. The pack is a tidy velcro closing bag. The pack can be strapped into the canoe while boating. Uniquement stockés au Canada.

Customized Wheel Axle - Heavy Duty Boat Trailer/Cart
Customized Wheel Axle - Heavy Duty Boat Trailer/Cart - 15,00 $CA

Do you have a canoe and a kayak? Or two different sized canoes? Buy extra axles and use your heavy duty boat trailer/cart with boats of different widths. We cut axles to suit the width of your boat. Please contact us to let us know the specifications so we can customize it for your needs.

Attelage de tige de selle - Stocké en Europe 
Attelage de tige de selle - Stocké en Europe  - 25,00 $CA

Une fixation de tige de selle supplémentaire pour attacher un vélo à une remorque. Utile si vous souhaitez ajouter un vélo pour tirer votre remorque. Boulons à fixer à votre tige de selle (convient aux tiges de selle de 25 mm à 38 mm de diamètre). Ces attaches peuvent aussi être utilisés pour les remorques de bateau, les remorques de golf ou les voiturettes rapides. Ce produit est en stock en Europe.

Hello, I wanted to let you know how much we've been enjoying the Wike canoe trailer. We live in downtown Toronto, and it's a great way to get the canoe down to the lake for a day paddle.

The trailer played a big role in our wedding last week, as we cycled to the lake, then paddled over to Toronto Island to get married. Thought you'd enjoy seeing it in use. In the attached, I (Megan) am the bride in blue dress, and the groom (Paul) is in the white shirt. The shot of us in the canoe was taken as we arrived at the wedding venue.




I finally got a chance to use my Wike canoe trailer with my bike today. It worked amazing. I biked 5km and it was easy to pull and super stable. I was very impressed! Thanks for such an amazing product!