Large Special Needs Bike Trailer

Special Needs - Large - 959,00 $CA

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The Wike Large Special Needs Bicycle Trailer is the perfect solution for larger children anxious to join in on the family cycling fun. Like every other Wike, the large Special Needs is smooth, stable, and roomy. There’s no need to leave loved ones behind when you go for a bike ride. The canopy of our Special Trailer is fully retractable to allow an easier transfer in and out and with many combinations of optional supports, you can customize to your child’s needs. The seat may be removed by special request at time of ordering to allow a car-seat or Tomato product to be placed directly into the trailer. The fabrics used in our special needs products are "DuPont Cordura". This high quality fabric insures the longest life possible of the trailer. (reason for recent price increase) Wike products are only sold directly to customers, sorry we do not have wholesale pricing. Two bike hitches are included with the trailer.

View the Brothers Conner & Cayden Long win Sports Illustated “Sports Kid of the Year 2012” (Great Video)

In Norway please contact distributor Bardum

In New Zealand please contact distributor Trikes New Zealand

In Australia please contact distributor: CP Tech

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Special Wike Trailers are used globally to enable triathletes to team up:

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Care2Tri Videos

United Athletics

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48" / 122cm (length) x 32" / 81cm (width) x 44" / 112cm (height)


34lbs / 15kg




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Set d'accessoires complet - Besoins Spéciaux
Set d'accessoires complet - Besoins Spéciaux - 270,00 $CA

Contient un ensemble inclinable, des traversins latéraux, un stabilisateur de tête, un harnais rembourré, une housse d'extérieur et un sac de transport

3rd Bike hitch
3rd Bike hitch - 20,00 $CA

This trailer comes with two bike hitches included, do you want more

Foam Bolsters
Foam Bolsters - 50,00 $CA

These small cushions help stabilize occupant. Height is adjustable with Velcro strip attachment on rear of trailer.

Head Stabilizer
Head Stabilizer - 50,00 $CA

This foam cushion helps stabilize the occupant's head.

Jogger and Stroller Kit
Jogger and Stroller Kit - 100,00 $CA

Both Jogger and Stroller kit when purchased together

Jogger Kit
Jogger Kit - 90,00 $CA

This kit consist of a 16 inch alloy wheel in the front, an adjustable push-bar at the back with tether, and two foot operated parking brakes.

Outdoor Cover
Outdoor Cover - 75,00 $CA

Outdoor cover to protect trailer from sun, snow, and rain.

Recliner Set
Recliner Set - 100,00 $CA

This consists of 5 inch angled foam insert that sits on top of the regular seat plus an angled insert at the seat back. This pair of cushions can be used in conjunction with side bolsters or/and head stabilizer. Allows the knees to be elevated. Includes two 5 inch wedges.

Seat Wedge
Seat Wedge - 50,00 $CA

Seat Wedge raises the knees and provides extra cushioning, velcros onto the top of the standard seat.

Shoulder Belt
Shoulder Belt - 15,00 $CA

Shoulder belt padded bib to provide a little more support for younger occupants.

Stroller Kit
Stroller Kit - 90,00 $CA

This kit consists of a 6 inch swivel wheel in the front, an adjustable push-bar in the back, and two foot operated parking brakes.

Carry Bag - Large and Extra Large Special Needs
Carry Bag - Large and Extra Large Special Needs - 80,00 $CA

Carry-bag for Large and Extra Large Special Needs

Wanted to send a quick note to tell you the special needs Wike we ordered for Damien is working out beautifully. Attached a picture from a trip to Moonstone Beach, California, yesterday! David Sleeth-Keppler (Damien's father)

I am VERY pleased with this Large Special Needs bike trailer:

  • easy to set up, fold and put away;
  • glides easy and light (as a stroller and jogger; have yet to try it as a trailer);
  • this is the most comfortable stroller I ever pushed- courtesy of the handlebar that DOES adjust to multiple heights (I stand under 5 feet);
  • craftsmanship is exceptional; and,
  • materials are great without looking ostentatious. It folds easily and small- in my Toyota Camry, I put it in the middle of the trunk and have plenty of room on either side for other things. This means I can load, unload and/or reach for things (including the Large Special Needs Single) without having to first unload or move other things out of the way.

Wanted to send a quick note to tell you the special needs Wike we ordered for Damien is working out beautifully. Attached a picture from a trip to Moonstone Beach, California, yesterday! David Sleeth-Keppler (Damien's father)