XL Special Needs Bike Trailer (Made in Canada)

- CA$1,499.97

Best Seller around the world - for riders up to 5'10" and 150lbs

The Extra-Large Special Needs trailer is NOT convertible to a jogger or stroller.

The Wike Extra-Large Special Needs bicycle trailer is the biggest trailer Wike makes, perfect for older adults or individuals with special needs. Like every other Wike product, this trailer is smooth, stable, and roomy. There’s no need to leave loved ones behind when you go for a bike ride. The canopy of our Special Needs trailer is fully retractable to allow an easy transfer in and out. With many combinations of optional supports, you can customize the trailer to the individual's needs. We use American DuPont Cordura fabrics in our Extra-Large Special Needs trailer. This high-quality fabric ensures the longest life possible of the trailer.

The Extra-Large Special Needs trailer:

  • Has two bike hitches, bug screen, rain screen, and 5-point harness included with the trailer.
  • Is ideal for an occupant between 4' and 5'-10" tall with a helmet on and having a maximum weight of 150 lbs. If the occupant is shorter than 4", please see Special Needs - Large.
  • The Complete Accessory Kit is an extra cost and contains: carry bag, outdoor cover, recliner set, side bolsters, and head stabilizer.
  • Is NOT convertible to a jogger or stroller (jogger and stroller kits are NOT compatible with the Extra-Large Special Needs trailer). Please see Special Needs - Large for a convertible trailer-jogger-stroller.

To confirm that you have selected the best combination of product and accessories for your specific needs, a Customer Service Specialist will contact you when you order a Special Needs trailer.

**The canopy of the trailer should be retracted for transfer ONLY. Don't use as a stroller or trailer with the canopy retracted.**

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Instant Folding

Quick Hitch

Safety Flag

Bug Screen

Rain Screen

Reflective Tape

Safety Harnesses - 5-Point Padded Bibs

Rear Pocket


53"/135cm (length) x 34"/86cm (width) x 48"/122cm (height)






37"/94cm (legroom/length) x 26"/66cm (width) x 37"/94cm (height)






20" Spoked Alloy Push Button

Complete Accessory Set - Large Special Needs
Complete Accessory Set - Large Special Needs - CA$279.00

Contains recliner set, side bolsters, head stabilizer, outdoor cover, and carry bag

Side bolsters shown in XL bicycle trailer
Foam Bolsters - CA$50.00

These small cushions help stabilize the occupant. The height is adjustable with a Velcro strip attachment on the rear of the trailer.

Head Stabilizer
Head Stabilizer - CA$50.00

This foam cushion helps stabilize the occupant's head.

Recliner Set
Recliner Set - CA$100.00

This consists of 5" angled foam insert that sits on top of the regular seat plus an angled insert at the seat back. This pair of cushions can be used in conjunction with side bolsters or/and head stabilizer. Allows the knees to be elevated. Includes two 5" wedges.

Seat Wedge
Seat Wedge - CA$50.00

Seat Wedge raises the knees and provides extra cushioning, velcros onto the top of the standard seat.

Shoulder Harness
Shoulder Harness - CA$15.00

Padded shoulder harness to provide a little more support for younger occupants in child trailers. Provides 3-points of connection with the trailer.

Carry Bag - Large and Extra Large Special Needs
Carry Bag - Large and Extra Large Special Needs - CA$80.00

Carry-bag for Large and Extra Large Special Needs. This Product is Not Stocked in Europe.

Outdoor Cover
Outdoor Cover - CA$75.00

Outdoor cover to protect trailer from sun, snow, and rain.

3rd Bike hitch
3rd Bike hitch - CA$20.00

This Wike trailer comes with two bike hitches. Do you want another hitch for a third bike?

I wanted to email you after purchasing my second Special Needs Trailer from Wike today. I bought the first one in 2001. Since then my son and I have logged several thousand miles with me pulling him in the trailer. I purchased yours as he had outgrown his Burley and 2 others and needed a bigger trailer. Yours has been the best trailer I have owned. It pulls great; my son is comfortable in it, and always wants to get his helmet to go on a ride. After ten years of almost weekly use, I finally had to replace my first one. I look forward to getting the new one with all of the design improvements you have made. I also wanted to include a picture from a Bike Ride this past June called the Harpeth River Ride where my son and I participated. For the past few years, they have allowed us to start at the beginning of the ride with Wounded Warriors, Blind Athletes, and others. This year Lance Armstrong actually rode with some of his teammates. Unfortunately, the person taking the attached picture did not capture them with us as they were just a few feet ahead.

Pat Wright

Brentwood Tennessee

Dear Wike:

We got our Adult Special Needs Trailer a few weeks ago, and I've been meaning to send you a note saying what an amazing product it is!

Thoughtfully designed, well constructed, it's a remarkable piece of engineering. It tracks smoothly, folds easily, and hauls our 140 lb teenager with no problem - plenty of room and bombproof sturdy. The axle/wheel design in particular is very cool…I was afraid that sand and dirt would render this mechnism a weak link, but the push button release works as advertised. I have never seen anything like it, and but it seems to be able to handling its task.

Thanks for designing and building such a great product. It has changed in a positive way what we can do as a family.

Mark Skinner

Pittsburgh PA

Father to developmentally delayed teenager

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