Premium Single Bike Trailer - CA$499.00

Long Lasting and Dependable

The Wike Premium Single Child Bicycle Trailer is the perfect solution for the small family on the go. Just as smooth and stable as the larger Premium Double, the Premium Single let's your child ride in style. With lots of head and legroom the Premium Single will accommodate children to 4'-4" in height and is up-gradable to Jogger/Stroller with the purchase of the options. You do not need to worry about whether your 6 year old can ride safely on the streets on their own, they will still fit in our trailer. Not only will your child have plenty of elbow room but you'll have plenty of places to stash their toys and treats. Also included with the trailer are: two bike hitches, a helmet relief cushion, a rain screen, bug screen, safety flag. Our trailers are built with care at our factory in Guelph, Canada and shipped directly to you, you can only purchase it in our secure online store.

This product has been tested against and exceeds ASTM F1975 bicycle trailer standard

Made in Canada

Money Back Guarantee

Wike Products have a 15 day money back Guarantee. If you wish to return your Wike, for whatever reason, simply return it to us and we refund the purchase price. We do not refund shipping. Let us know if you would like to return your trailer and we will send you the address labels. Products also have a one year parts and labor warranty and lifetime on the frame to the original owner.

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Shipped Directly to You

We manufacture our products in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and ship them directly to you. This business model saves you money! We have built a reputation over our 30 years in business for the longevity, reliability, and durability of our products. In the case that you loose or break a part, it is easy for us to send you a replacement. Simply send a picture showing the missing/broken part to Another benefit of buying directly from a community-based manufacturer!


Front wheel option

Instant Folding

Quick Hitch

Helmet Relief Cushion

Safety Flag

Bug Screen

Rain Screen

Reflective Tape

Safety Harnesses - 5-Point Padded Bibs

Rear Pocket



41"/104cm (length) x 28"/71cm (width) x 41"/104cm (height)






(legroom/length) x 19"/48cm (width) x 30"/76cm (height)






20" Spoked Alloy Push Button

Stroller and Jogger Upgrade - Single
Stroller and Jogger Upgrade - Single - CA$100.00

This kit consist of a 16" alloy wheel, a 6" swivel wheel, an adjustable push-bar and tether, and two foot-operated parking brakes. Works for Child Premium Single, and Standard Wagalong Pet trailers.

Stroller Upgrade - Single
Stroller Upgrade - Single - CA$75.00

This kit consists of a 6" swivel wheel, an adjustable push-bar and tether, and two foot operated parking brakes. Works for Child Premium Single, and Standard Wagalong Pet trailers.

Jogger Upgrade - Single
Jogger Upgrade - Single - CA$90.00

This kit consist of a 16" alloy wheel, an adjustable push-bar and tether, and two foot-operated parking brakes. Works for Child Premium Single, and Standard Wagalong Pet trailers.

Walking Wheel
Walking Wheel - CA$30.00

This is a 6" swivel wheel for the front of trailers (purchased since 2015). It can be attached and detached easily. If you detach your trailer from your bike and flip the tow bar over, this front wheel provides better balance. Not meant to be a full stroller, does not come with brakes or push bar handle.

3rd Bike hitch
3rd Bike hitch - CA$20.00

This Wike trailer comes with two bike hitches. Do you want another hitch for a third bike?

To Everyone at Wike:

I received by Wike Premium Single trailer on Wednesday and I couldn't be happier. This trailer is a masterpiece of design and functionality. One can assemble or disassemble the trailer in seconds. And it stores neatly out of the way once folded.

We haven't taken it for a spin yet but we will later today. My 4 year old is more excited about riding along with me than he is about Christmas. I plan to use the trailer to get him to pre-school everyday since I already ride the bike to the office most days. We have pretty good bike lanes here in Santa Monica and it should be fun.

Thanks again for a wonderfully designed, high-quality trailer. It's the best value of any trailer out there. I could have easily gone to REI (just 8 blocks away) and made $100 or $200 more for a Burley and not been nearly as pleased and happy as I am with your Premium Single. Mostly, I would have just spent more money and got nothing in return.

Thanks again and safe biking.