Bicycles as a Commercial Tool - November 19, 2020

Well 2020 has been quite a ride – bike ride that is. 2020 has changed the cycling industry and that change is here to stay. Every segment of the bike industry is booming, from kids trailers to cargo trailers and then every kind of bicycle: children’s bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, commuter bikes, e-assist bikes and cargo bikes. 2020 has also brought a change to the economy; the entrepreneurial spirit is alive, and many people are dreaming of new opportunities and business ventures to explore. What better way to dream than to take the entrepreneur in you and merge it with one of the hottest industries to reach a new segment of the population. Whether you are starting up a new venture or want to bring your existing business to your customers in a new, economical and environmentally friendly way, cycling is the way to do that.

With that in mind we are launching a Commercial Line of trailers that will be ready early in 2021. Each of these trailers will come with an optional inertia braking system allowing for an increased load capacity. Attach your logo to the high-density polyethylene sides making your business stand out and you’ll be ready to roll.

Redesigned Landscape Trailer: The esthetics and functionality of this trailer have been upgraded with new tool storage options and still includes a drop-down tailgate to load a lawnmower. This trailer is perfect for the small landscape business or for the budding youth entrepreneur.

Food / Product Delivery Trailer: If you’re looking to start or expand delivery options for your business this is something you will want to explore. From groceries, to takeout, to other general items, this is one way to reach the clientele in your neighbourhood. Alternatively, maybe you can start your own contract delivery service using a bike and trailer to deliver products for local businesses.

Street Vending Trailer: Has all this time at home got you cooking up new recipes that tempt the palette? Bring the food to others and start your very own vending service. Hot or cold, this trailer will allow you to be a successful vendor bringing your dishes to the streets.

Bicycle Delivery Trailer: The local bike shops may struggle with how to reach their clientele without turning to a gas-powered vehicle; this seems counterintuitive to the nature of cycling. Why not deliver that new bicycle or bicycle repair, with our newly designed bicycle delivery trailer. Load up the bikes and make efficient use of pedal power to get the bicycles where they need to go.

There are many options to start, expand or look at new ways to bring your business idea to the masses. Whatever your business is, we offer a trailer that delivers.


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