Elektrisk salamander

October 21, 2019

Vi presenterar den elektriska lastcykeln WIKE Salamander! Det senaste tillskottet till vårt sortiment av lastcyklar, fortsätt läsa för att lära dig mer!

WHAT’S NEW at WIKE? .... The Electric Salamander!

We have released our electric Salamander at Eurobike 2019.

Available for 2020 Season

We are now offering the option of adding a factory installed electric assist motor, Shimano E6000 mid drive, to our Salamander cargo bike stroller. In addition to having e-assist, the updated Salamander now has the capability of transporting 3 children; two in the pod and one on the rear of the bicycle. With increased carrying capacity we have also upgraded to disc brakes front and back. We have also enhanced the conversion from bicycle to stroller; with the pivot points now all using precision ball bearings, the conversion is now smoother, easier and faster! The Salamander is a dream come true for any family on the move!

Here are the key features that are not matched by any other cargo bike on the market:

  • Mid drive motor design – The Shimano mid drive can be removed and replaced with any other motor. Your bike will not become obsolete if the motor fails. No other bicycle has the option to change motors after purchase
  • Convertible – The Salamander Stroller Bike is the only bike that can convert from bicycle to pushcart. Transform in 5 seconds with the click of a pedal. Take it easily with children on the train or subway, take it into the mall or office. Go everywhere you can walk with your bike.
  • Portability – With the capability of collapsing from a bicycle that is 229cm (90”) in length, to a stroller that is only 127cm (50”), the Salamander becomes portable and can be transported in the back of a SUV. You can take it to your travelling destination.
  • Storage – The options for storage are almost limitless. As a stroller, the Salamander can be moved indoors to your house, apartment/flat, a small storage shed or can be stored in your garage and take up only a small footprint 80x127x90cm high (32x50x34”) compared to a cargo bike or bakfiet.
  • Canopy – Families on the go encounter all kinds of weather. That is not a problem for the Salamander as the canopy is retractable and always attached. The canopy can be put into use as fast as the weather can change.
  • No hidden costs – All options on the Salamander are standard and are included in the purchase price. This includes the canopy, lights, seat cushions and everything in between.

With all these options and conveniences, the choice is easy.

Purchase your Salamander today and take it wherever you need to go.


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